Design the incentive plan your business needs

Create compensation plans tailored to your business without the limitations of fixed templates. Build plans that perfectly suit your needs thanks to our no-code modular designer.

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No-code required

Our fully flexible no-code designer module allows you to create any plan you need including quotas, tiered payouts, minimums, accelerators, cliffs, claw-backs and more. Forget about spreadsheets or SQL, design your next commission plan in minutes!

Pay based on any metric

Pay your sales teams based on any metric, not only sales kpis. Choose existing metrics directly from your data source or combine them to create custom metrics. The following are just a few examples:

  • Activity metrics: calls made, tasks performed, discovery calls scheduled, demos booked…
  • Revenue metrics:net revenue, invoicing, GMV, ARR or MRR, cash flow, collections…
  • Customer satisfaction metrics: CSAT, NPS, google reviews…

Multiple payout schemes

Choose the payout type that makes more sense to your business. Set percentage commission-type payouts, specific monetary compensation, or select bonus-type payouts.  Create any payout table with customizable tiers, minimums, accelerators, marginal tiers, caps, etc. Create any payout table you need!

Ranking based bonus

Establish rankings and pay bonuses based on each sales rep position in their team ranking. Assign points, grant rewards, prizes or just pay a fixed amount to each employee based on their relative performance compared to their teammates.

Preview your commission plan while you create it

Make use of the compensation plan preview to check how your commission plan looks like as you keep adding new rules in the designer so you ensure total transparency for your teams.


My company has really complicated incentive structures in place. Can I replicate them in Remuner?

Not only that! You can design those exact plans 90% faster and Remuner assists you on the definition based on benchmarks and market data, so you can check if your current structure is the most effective one to meet your business needs.

How can I get an idea of how the plan I'm designing will look like?

Our sales commissions software offers a unique feature that allows you to preview your commission plan in real-time while you are designing it. With our intuitive interface, you can easily add, modify, or remove commission rules and see the immediate impact on your plan’s structure and payout calculations. Moreover, once you finish designing it, you can also create scenarios and forecasts to check your new plan against historical data.

While coding expertise may not be necessary, is it essential to have some Excel background or technical knowledge to create the plans?

Certainly not! From the first day, our vision was that literally anyone could create commissions plans with Remuner. The plan designer is based on a modular approach that makes it intuitive and really easy to use. On top of that, during your setup, our stellar onboarding team will provide you with any kind of training or educational material you need to get you up to speed.

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