Seamlessly manage your team access to their incentive information

Effortlessly manage users, assign roles, and define hierarchies Effortlessly manage users, assign roles, and define hierarchies.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Import users from other tools

Import users manually or invite them in bulk from your existing tools such as CRM with a single click and ensure a smooth user onboarding process.

Manage multiple roles

From individuals, to managers and plan administrators. Assign roles to the users of a plan and define role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals can access certain information. This ensures that your calculations and sensitive data are protected from unauthorised roles.

Define team hierarchies

Territories, countries, business units, departments or teams. Build the organization chart of your revenue structure and define hierarchies by creating your team structure also in Remuner.

Save time with user bulk management

Apply actions in bulk to your list of users, either by team, region or role, you can perform actions on a group of users simultaneously.


How does Remuner help my company regarding user data access?

By defining role-based access permissions you decide which users access specific information. Be always in control of who sees what in Remuner.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can import at once?

Not at all. Remuner lets you bulk import users, handling large datasets without restrictions. Whether importing dozens or hundreds of users, you can do it seamlessly with a single click, ensuring your user management is ready to scale.

Can I easily adjust team hierarchies in case the structure of my organization changes?

Yes, Remuner enables seamless adjustments to team hierarchies and teams to accommodate changes in your organization structure. Whether it’s adding new territories, restructuring departments, or updating team members, you can modify any team easily.

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