Design gamified incentive plans that motivate your team

One out of every three Remuner customers had suboptimal incentive schemes in place due to design and flexibility limitations on their previous solutions. With Remuner, they have replaced them by a top notch commission plan tailored to their business needs. Yesterday, they had a commission cost. Today, they have a business enabler.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Short-term challenges

Create short-term campaigns to boost your team’s motivation during specific periods of time. Pay more on sales made during low seasonality weeks or reward sales made during Black Friday weekend in order to maximize your high seasonality days.

Create campaigns based on rankings

Establish rankings and pay bonuses based on each employee position in their team ranking. Smart gamification and team challenges motivate your teams and drive success while ensuring a healthy competitive culture.

Promote the sale of new products

Design custom incentive plans that strategically reward your sales reps when they sell a specific product. Promote a new product to test if it has market fit.

Incentivize cross sells

Promote cross sells to quickly test your customers’ appetite for a new product module. This approach allows you to test the market response before committing additional resources to further development of the product


Gain control of your stock by selling specific products

Create campaigns for specific products and promote sales in order to have control of your inventory.


How can I promote the sale of new products?

Custom incentive plans allow you to strategically reward sales reps for selling specific new products. Including spiffs, paying more commissions or adding special bonuses on new products sold are some effectives ways to incentivize sales.

What gamification strategies can I define in the platform to motivate employees?

With Remuner you have plenty of options to boost your team motivation and foster healthy competition. Create rankings, define bonuses based on team performance, show them their relative position in the achievement leaderboard…and much more!

How can I measure the ROI of a new incentive campaign?

With the scenario comparison and the advanced reporting modules, you can track in real time the revenue generated and the cost associated to every incentive campaign that you launch.

What are the best practices regarding short-term campaigns to maximize sales?

Some companies decide to double down their commission investment during high seasonality weeks; others prefer to pay higher commissions during low seasonal periods to mitigate revenue volatility. The best incentive campaign strategy will depend on your company situation, business model and strategy.

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