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Empower your business with the ultimate variable compensation software. Compare plans, boost revenue, and maximize the ROI of your commissions investment.Variable remuneration is one of your biggest company costs. Make the most out of it.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

The most advanced commission toolkit at your disposal

Bonuses, accelerators, clawbacks, overrides, deal splits, and more. An extensive range of features built to provide you the maximum flexibility to design any commission scheme you need.

Plans comparison and benchmarks with market data

Leverage  our plans comparison module to consistently choose the most suitable compensation scheme for your business. Compare the outcomes from different commissions plans  and create new ones in a few minutes ensuring the maximum ROI.

Business Enabler

Removing all operational hassle from incentive management enables you to define the most aligned schemes; from daily incentives to product-based campaigns or weekly competitions, you can pilot it all!

Make incentives more effective

Our AI coach monitors, communicates and motivates your team members to maximize results based on your existing incentive schemes, increasing its effectiveness.

Revenue observability

An advanced reporting module to provide visibility across the commission’s stream, including forecasts, market based revenue recommendations and predictive analysis. Leverage Remuner to make smarter decisions and be a step ahead of your competition.


How can I make sure our compensation plans are not only motivating for sales teams but also aligned with company goals?

That is a wise concern indeed. Based on market data and best practices from companies like yours, we assist you when designing your commissions schemes to ensure you are defining plans that guarantees that alignment.

How often should we review our sales commission structures?

Companies usually review their commission structures once a year, but also when market conditions or business strategy change. The frequency can really vary. But the thing that all companies have in common is that, when they review those plans, they want to have the ability to change them or make adjustments quickly, and that is a critical pain our customers had before jumping onboard with us.

How can I get a healthy balance between paying fairly to my sales teams and managing the overall cost of sales commissions to maintain profitability?

There are some best practices regarding OTE balance that companies generally apply. When designing your compensation plans, Remuner’s AI engine assists you based on market data and industry benchmarks. You always choose, but our tool is always there to support you with grounded data.

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