Unlock the full potential of your compensation plans

Design any incentive plan your business needs, no matter how complex it is, and change them flexibly as your company evolves. From recurrent plans to temporary challenges or campaigns to motivate your teams, Remuner has you covered!

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Incentive plan Designer

Remuner supports you in the design of your incentive plans as your company evolves. Create scenarios, comparisons or projections in a matter of 3 clicks, while you leverage  benchmark and comparable market data.

Compensation plan Manager

Seamlessly manage all your comp plans in a single place. Define time ranges, handle multiple currencies, or compare alternative scenarios in your sandbox for informed decision-making and cutting edge variable remuneration structures.

Users & Teams Manager

Manage multiple roles, define hierarchies, import users from other tools, and save time with bulk user management. Enhance platform security and streamline your users management effortlessly in full compliance with your company policies.

Challenges & Campaigns

Forget about any operational hassle when designing your compensation plan, so you can create and imagine the incentive plan most suited for your business, without any limit! From temporary product-based campaigns to team challenges, if you can imagine it, Remuner can handle it!


My company has really complicated incentive structures in place. Can I replicate them in Remuner?

Not only that! You can design those exact plans 90% faster and Remuner assists you on the definition based on benchmarks and market data, so you can check if your current structure is the most effective one to meet your business needs.

What kind of errors does the pre-live audit detect?

Our audit feature is designed to detect a wide range of errors, including missing data, calculation discrepancies, and conflicts between rules. We identify all the potential issues and address them before the plan goes live.

How does Remuner help my company regarding data protection?

By defining role-based access controls you decide which roles access specific areas of the platform. You are always in control of who sees what in Remuner.

What are the best practices regarding short-term campaigns to maximize sales?

Some companies decide to double down their commission investment during high seasonality weeks; others prefer to pay higher commissions during low seasonal periods to mitigate revenue volatility. The best incentive campaign strategy will depend on your company situation, business model and strategy.

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