Our mission is to help you transform variable remuneration into a growth lever

Remuner is committed to transform how businesses think of their variable commissions. Our platform automates all aspects of sales commissions, and provides real time visibility and transparency to your sales teams. But that is not enough. We have built the first AI coach that assists you and your teams with insights and market data to help you drive performance and become a business enabler for your company.

Transforming problems into solutions

Remuner comes from the real pain that our founders lived and suffered in their previous companies, where they were not able to properly manage and optimize sales commissions in an effective way, without hundreds of hours wasted in administrative tasks and generating frustration in sales teams due to the lack of visibility and transparency. So they decided to build the platform that they wished they would have had at that time.

Our mission is to transform the way companies think about variable remuneration, evolving from a “fixed cost” mindset to the “most powerful lever for growth” new reality. But we couldn’t empower leaders in sales, finance, HR or Operations without providing them with a tool that literally anyone could use.

That is why we have built the only incentive management platform with a pure self-serve no-code designer, that leverages data and AI to provide our customers with real time insights on how to maximize team performance and drive better results.

With Remuner, sales commissions become an investment.



team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Meet our team

This is our dream team! The heroes behind Remuner. They are like chefs in the kitchen of sales incentives, cooking up the perfect recipe for your success!

Sergio González

Founder & CEO

Iván Ruz

Founder & CTO

Matias Haro

Founder & COO

Javier Marcos

Head of Growth & Revenue

Amalia Gonzalez

Sr. Account Executive

Manel Leiva

Senior Product Designer

Juan Carlos Auge

Head of Data

Diego Fernandez

Full stack Developer

Sergi Case

Full stack Developer

Luis Felipe Paz

Full stack Developer