Help your teams sale more with Remuner AI Coach

Leverage the only incentive management platform in the market that provides you an AI data driven coach that helps your team members make better decisions to increase performance and results.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Direct incentive recommendations

Based on the incentive plan scheme, Remuner AI consistently recommends actions to employees, helping them make better decisions to maximize performance in connection with their remuneration to make it more effective.

Regular digests

Leverage the power of our automated notifications to ensure that your sales representatives are always aware of their performance. Sending them constant updates on their achievements keeps them hungry, driving more sales and bringing success to the team

AI next step recommendations

Chasing the big whale, haunting a couple of deers or securing the long tail rabbits? Picking the correct deals to close in the pipeline is crucial when the end of the period is around the corner. Let our AI coach tell you which is the ideal next action you need to undertake to maximize your results. Save time, streamline your strategy, and direct your energy towards the highest potential actions.

AI Forecast to anticipate results

Provide your sales reps with visibility on how they are performing vs their target. Leverage Remuner AIĀ  forecasting in real time to give your employees the right incentive to continue performing at their highest.



How can I use automatic notifications to increase results from my teams?

Automated notifications keep team members informed about their performance in real-time, driving a culture of transparency and accountability within the team. This fosters healthy competition and encourages continuous improvement.

What is the pacing?

Pacing refers to the rate at which team members are delivering results against a target given the exact moment within a period. It helps to forecast whether they will meet their targets considering their current speed at delivering results.

What type of recommendations does the Remuner AI Coach provide?

Our AI Coach leverages market and benchmarking data to perform multiple actions, such as sending notifications to sales teams to keep them motivated or providing recommendations to your team members to help them achieve better results.

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