Drive more revenue and keep your sales team at their peak

Ensure visibility, transparency and alignment with your compensation plans. Forget about black boxes, you are now in control of your incentive plans so you can drive and foster performance to increase results. Drive productivity, motivate and retain your best talent by leveraging your most powerful management lever: sales commissions.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Improve visibility and transparency

Transparency in compensation is crucial for motivation. Give your sales team the visibility they deserve to establish alignment with company goals and improve incentive effectiveness.

AI Sales Coach

Leverage the only commissions tool in the market that provides your team an AI data driven advisor that keeps them motivated and helps them make better decisions to maximize their performance.

Win more deals

Empower your sales team with real-time dashboards and commission simulations and forecasts to keep them motivated and driven towards exceeding their targets.

Keep talent at home

Compensation plays a vital role in attracting and retaining sales teams. Create customized commission plans that are aligned with market benchmarks to hire, incentivize, and retain top-performing reps effectively.

Become a business enabler

From upselling or cross-selling to the launch of new products or territories, the opportunities are endless. Take advantage of the agility and flexibility of the platform to effectively incentivize various business drivers as your strategy requires.

Stay Agile

A dynamic sales compensation scheme is crucial for inspiring sales representatives and outpacing rivals. Forget about code and spreadsheets: our fully flexible no-code designer module allows you to adapt and iterate any plan in a matter of minutes!


How can Remuner help me motivate my sales teams and increase their performance?

Thanks to Remuner, your teams have real time visibility on their sales metrics and how they transform into their remuneration, which makes them more engaged to close more deals. In addition, your teams are continuously advised by our AI Sales Coach to keep motivation and engagement high while supporting them in making better decisions when managing their day to day activity.

How does Remuner streamline commissions calculation and reporting for sales teams?

Our platform has an entire reporting module built to drive your team’s motivation and productivity. Our dashboards provide real-time visibility and transparency of individual and team performance and how this translates into their remuneration, to the highest degree of detail you want!

Does your solution offer customizable commission structures to align with different sales strategies and goals?

Absolutely. With Remuner you can create any plan using any kind of metric you want. From NPS, net retention, response time, churn rate, possibilities are endless. Moreover, with our incentive campaigns module, you can effectively design specific campaigns or promote certain products when you want and as your business strategy requires.

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