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Remuner is the only incentive compensation solution that streamlines commissions with a self-serve platform and includes an AI sales coach to help your teams sell more.

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Possibility to create incentive plans based on any product or any metric

Possibility to test multiple incentive plan scenarios and run forecasts

Use of benchmark and market data to support you on incentive plans designment

Flexibility to change, update or customize existing incentive plans in a few minutes

All incentive calculations fully automated to support any logic (tiers, cliffs, caps, etc.)

Real time visibility for individuals and managers

Period closing customizable process, including validation, audit and closing workflows

Internal claim management system to handle questions or exceptions, including overrides

Ability to track accrued vs paid commissions with full visibility of payment waterfall

AI Sales Coaching to motivate your team to  sale more based on your incentives

Possibility to create short term campaigns such as competitions or rankings

100% Self-serve platform, you can adapt every aspect without needing to code

Fast setup process (from signing to having incentive plans live in hours!)

No development or maintenance costs


The modern incentive management platform leveraging AI

Make your variable remuneration a true lever for growth!.

Design & Flexibility

Automation & Process Management

Boost performance

Unlock the full potential of your incentive plans

Discover the ultimate solution for incentive plan design. With our designer module you can create and flexibly change or adapt any compensation plan your business requires. Take full control without dependencies on other teams, developers or external partners.

Automate your entire compensation calculation and process management

Enhance efficiency and eliminate manual errors with automated real-time calculations. Streamline all administrative tasks such as periods validation and closing, claim and overrides management. Create and control commission statements with full transparency for the teams.

Boost teams performance with Remuner AI

Empower sales teams with their own sales commissions simulations and effective incentive strategies thanks to your AI Coach. Enhance team performance with real-time visibility, gamified incentives, and transparent compensation insights.



company performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

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“We have seen a consistent 8% increase in revenue since using Remuner. With these results, we have paid the cost of Remuner more than 25 times!”

Toni Arco


“With the new incentives, we finally could align the company goals to the individual employee goals and increase the impact on some areas of the business, such as warehouse stock rotation and gross margin”

Consol Lopez


“Thanks to Remuner, we not only reward employees more fairly but also incentivize and align them with departmental and company goals."

Diego Alonso

Sales Manager at OKTicket