Optimize and automate the entire compensation process

Create compensation plans that improve results with a data driven approach. Communicate and align comp plan structures easily with teams, providing them with real time visibility. Manage the entire process hassle free and error proof with full automation. Be loved by sales teams and leaders!

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Design any commission plan in minutes and with zero code

Our fully flexible no-code designer module allows you to create any plan you need including quota management, tiered payouts, claw-backs and more. Forget about spreadsheets or SQL, design your next compensation plan in minutes!

Automate calculations and say goodbye to mistakes

Handle thousands of statements daily, calculatingĀ  them automatically in real-time. Easily adjust compensation plans in the platform with a few clicks to align seamlessly with your data source.

Improve communication and alignment

Stop the endless cycles of back-and-forth emails and messages between you and sales reps, managers, HR, or finance. Align everyone in one central space instead. Become the champion of the sales teams by helping them understand their commision plans while making them accountable for their quota attainment.

Become a compensation master

Our plans comparison module and based on market benchmarks engine helps you design the best compensation plan your company needs. Use the commission plans sandbox consistently to compare projected outcomes from different plans.


Does Remuner integrate with my CRM and ERP or finance tools?

Absolutely. Remuner provides seamless integrations to any system you can think of, such as CRM, ERP, HRIS, payroll, or any other solution you need. Our out of the box connections allow you to integrate any system in minutes!

What is the best commission structure for my company?

The million-dollar question for every company, and there is no unique answer, because it depends, it really depends! We hear you, and that is why we developed a plans comparison and recommendation engine, to help you define the ideal commission structure tailored to your business goals and sales team dynamics. As a brief spoiler, you can check some useful rules of thumbs to keep in mind as a first step.

What is the ideal OTE for each sales role?

The ideal OTE for a company is the one that maximizes their revenue achievement while rewarding their sales team as they deserve. While it is your decision, Remuner’s benchmarking insights help you customize OTE distributions for each role, ensuring you follow the market standards.

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