Decide how and when commissions are actually paid

Set your commission payment rules once they are accrued. Provide your teams with a comprehensive view on their accrued commissions as well as their commission payment statements, no more black boxes!

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team performance increased


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Define your own rules

Determine when the accrued commissions will be paid depending on your business needs. Either by splitting payments or matching your collections process no matter how complex your payment conditions need to be Remuner can handle them!

Delay payments for a future date

Apply specific conditions that have to be met in the future for the commissions to be paid (monthly, quarterly…). Decide the % of the accrued commission to be paid each date and under which conditions.

Match collections and commission payments

Pay commissions to your teams at the same time and pace that you collect the invoices from your customers while giving full visibility on those collections to your teams to augment visibility.

Give your team visibility

Provide your sales teams with full visibility on the status of their accrued commissions, giving them access to their full payment waterfall and  allowing them to track the money that is still on the table.


Commissions statements

Leverage commission statement reports to have detailed information about paid commissions for every incentive plan, giving your team full transparency on what their payroll includes and where it comes from.


What is the difference between accrual and payments in sales commissions?

In simple terms, commission accruals refers to the sales commissions that employees have earned for a certain period but haven’t received yet in their bank accounts. Commission payments refer to the moment in which the accrued commissions are actually paid to the employee. For example, you might close a deal today which gives you the right to get 1,000€ in commissions (accrued commissions), but you only get that money wired 3 months from now once the customer pays your company (commission payment).

Why would it be interesting for my business to split payouts?

The reasons to split payouts are multiple, from protecting your cash flow, to keeping your team members accountable for future conditions on their customers such as onboarding, activation or invoice collections.

Wouldn't it be distracting for my sales teams to give them direct visibility on their commissions accrued but not paid yet?

Quite on the contrary! Thanks to this module, our customers are saving hours and the hassle of back and forth uncomfortable conversations with team members regarding questions and doubts on their commissions payouts. Now, sales teams go directly to their dashboard and track in real time their payments status.

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