Boost team performance with the support of Remuner AI

Remuner fosters your incentives to make them more effective and comprehensive for your teams, either by proactive recommendations or by simulating and predicting earnings. We push your results further.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Real-time Performance visibility

Enhance team performance with real-time visibility and gamified incentives. Allow your teams to completely understand why and how they are paid. Provide transparent compensation insights to motivate individuals and make managers accountable, helping them to make smarter decisions to increase performance.

Compensation plan Forecast

Every employee is able to easily simulate their earnings for a given incentive plan and they are provided with AI forecasts. They can visualize what their earnings might be to generate a greater impact from your incentives into actual results.

Remuner AI Coach

Our AI Coach provides your teams with direct recommendations on what actions to do to increase performance and therefore their remuneration. We support you in motivating and generating a greater impact from your incentives.

Challenges & Campaigns

Drive your business forward leveraging new use cases of incentive plans, from temporary product-based campaigns to team challenges. Remuner eliminates all operational hassle so you use incentive plans however your company needs.


Is gamification proven to be effective when trying to boost team performance?

Absolutely. When done right, gamification has been shown to significantly boost team performance by increasing engagement, motivation, and productivity. Our Achievement Leaderboard and user dashboard generates smart gamification to motivate sales reps and drive success while ensuring a healthy culture.

What is the pacing?

Pacing refers to the rate at which sales reps are delivering results. It helps to forecast quota achievement considering their current speed making sales.

How can I use automatic notifications to increase results from my teams?

Automated notifications keep sales reps informed about their performance in real-time, driving a culture of transparency and accountability within the team. This fosters healthy competition and encourages continuous improvement.

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