Boost team performance with real-time visibility

Empower your teams with real time access to their performance details thanks to our dashboard. Boost motivation, reduce attrition, and drive performance with full incentive transparency.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Real time visibility for individuals

All team members have real-time information of their performance and remuneration, including all details on how their compensation plans are calculated with full transparency.

User dashboard with notifications

Every user has access to his earnings with a gamified view and proactive communication focused on motivation.

Make your teams react faster

Every team member has instant access to their achievement and accrued commissions, which helps them take actions faster and push performance while the period is active, instead of waiting until end of period to be informed about their results.

Manager visibility over their team

Make your managers accountable for their targets giving them access to real-time reports of their teams in all relevant business metrics. They can leverage this visibility to make faster and smarter decisions.


Achievement leaderboards

Foster healthy competition and motivate your teams by implementing innovative performance metrics and leaderboards. A smart gamification boosts engagement and performance among your team.


Is gamification proven to be effective when trying to boost team performance?

Absolutely. When done right, gamification has been shown to significantly boost team performance by increasing engagement, motivation, and productivity. Our Achievement Leaderboard and user dashboard generates smart gamification to motivate sales reps and drive success while ensuring a healthy culture.

How does Remuner help teams to perform better?

With features like achievement leaderboards and real-time access, Remuner creates a culture of healthy competition and accountability, increasing individual and team performance to a new level.

What types of metric can be included in the achievement leaderboards?

Literally any metric. Revenue metrics, NPS, response time, net retention, custom rankings based on points…you name it! As long as the metric can be mathematically calculated and the underlying data lives in your systems, we can make it happen.

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