The incentive management platform that leverages AI to increase performance

Remuner helps you optimize your variable remuneration, from designing and defining the right commission plans, automate all calculations, give full visibility and transparency, manage all related workflows and coach your sales teams. Get back the power to motivate your teams and impact your company results.

Discover the multiple reasons why organizations choose Remuner


Set up your sales commission plan in minutes thanks to our pure no-code modular designer. We cover any commission scheme, including any kind of metric and plenty of options.


All incentive calculations fully automated and constantly updated in connection with your systems, providing real-time visibility to individuals, managers and all stakeholders involved in the process.


From period validation, audit and closing to claim and overrides management, Remuner lets you customize and handle all workflows along the commission management end to end.


The only sales commissions tool designed to make incentives more effective: our AI coach monitors, communicates and motivates your team members to maximize results.


Removing all operational hassle enables you to define the most aligned incentive schemes. From daily incentives to product-based campaigns or weekly competitions, you can pilot it all!

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Why industry leaders prefer Remuner over other solutions.

Possibility to create incentive plans based on any product or any metric

Possibility to test multiple incentive plan scenarios and run forecasts

Use of benchmark and market data for incentive plans design

Flexibility to change, update or customize existing incentive plans in minutes

All incentive calculations fully automated to support any logic

Real time visibility for individuals and managers

Period closing custom workflow, including validation, audit and closing

Claim management system to handle questions or exceptions, including overrides

Ability to track accrued vs paid commissions with full visibility for teams

AI Sales Coaching to motivate your team to  sale more based on your incentives

Possibility to create short term campaigns such as competitions or rankings

100% Self-serve platform, you can adapt every aspect without needing to code

Fast setup process (from signing to having incentive plans live in hours!)

No development or maintenance costs




Remuner is the only incentive management solution that streamlines commissions with a 100% self-serve platform that includes an AI sales coach to motivate your team to sale more!

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“We have seen a consistent 8% increase in revenue since using Remuner. With these results, we have paid the cost of Remuner more than 25 times!”

Toni Arco


“With the new incentives, we finally could align the company goals to the individual employee goals and increase the impact on some areas of the business, such as warehouse stock rotation and gross margin”

Consol Lopez


“Thanks to Remuner, we not only reward employees more fairly but also incentivize and align them with departmental and company goals."

Diego Alonso

Sales Manager at OKTicket