Seamlessly manage all your comp plans in a single place

Define time ranges, handle multiple currencies, or compare alternative scenarios in your sandbox for informed decision-making and cutting edge variable remuneration structures.

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Activate and archive plans automatically

How many times do you find yourself starting a new year and your teams still don’t know their compensation plan? Make sure you don’t have periods without a commission plan in place. Remuner automatically activates or expires plans and communicates them to your teams.

Compensation plans Sandbox

Use our sandbox as a playground to design alternative plans and compare them to understand their potential impact on commissions. Do not settle. Keep your plans always updated to your company needs.

Scenario comparison

Run your new incentive plans against historical data and understand the alternative impacts they can have. Leverage the comparison of scenarios to detect revenue opportunities and drive performance for next periods.

Custom dates

Forget about standard plan durations, set custom start and expiration dates for any plan, no matter how short or long you need it to be. With Remuner you can even create daily commissions plans to motivate your teams with daily incentives campaigns.

Multi Currencies

If you are an international business operating in multiple markets around the world, you can set up and combine different currencies for each market to adjust to the diverse financial preferences and economic landscapes present in various regions.

Audit your plan before going live

Track the status of your commission plan and be aware in advance if it needs any review from your side. The automatic audit prevents you from activating plans that are not 100% ready to be shared.


How does comparing scenarios help me identify team strengths and weaknesses?

Comparing scenarios gives you a view of team performance under different commission structures, enabling you to identify improvement points across teams, regions, or business areas. Use this information to launch strategies to ensure quota achievement.

We have teams selling in several countries, using different currencies. Can we manage them in Remuner?

Remuner’s multi currency module allows teams to manage currencies in any way they need. From using one currency for each market, to combining more than one currency, the decision is up to you!

How frequently should I update my incentive plans within the sandbox?

Testing your incentive plans regularly and updating them when needed is key for success. The sandbox is designed to allow you to iterate on your commission plans as much as you want. This is crucial to ensure your compensation plans are always aligned with your company goals.

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