Save your time for what really matters. Say goodbye to manual calculations.

Handle thousands of commission statements updated in real-time, error free and connected with your data systems (ERP, CRM and more).

How remuner
elevates your business


admin tasks and costs reduced


team performance increased


average daily usages per employee

Seamless integrations

Remuner becomes your central environment for all commission-related matters. Connect the platform to your CRM, ERP, HRIS,  or any other system you need. Include, exclude, or modify data sources without effort.

Robust data management

Easily manage huge amounts of data, create formulated fields and merge several datasets from different sources within a user-friendly platform.

Automated calculations

All incentive calculations are fully automated, error free and updated in real time, no matter how complex they are. Save money from costly calculation mistakes and say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks and let Remuner do the work for you!

Single source of truth

Centralize all your employee and plan details, including targets, rates, and other information, into one single and powerful location for seamless management.



My company uses systems that are not displayed in the integrations section, can we still work with Remuner?

Definitely yes, our platform can connect with any system or database out there. Kindly contact us and we will explore together with you what is the best way to connect your data sources.

How often is my data updated?

The data in the platform is updated in real time, guaranteeing up-to-date and error-free calculations. Every time the data changes in your sources, it is instantly updated in Remuner.

Is it possible to merge data from different sources in Remuner?

Certainly, Remuner provides the ability to effortlessly combine multiple datasets. You can merge data from any data sources, even if they live in separated systems (e.g. in our Accrual vs Payments module you will probably combine opportunities from your CRM with customer payments from your ERP).

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