Automate your entire compensation calculation and management process

Automate calculations in real-time completely error-free, ensure data robustness with a customizable period closing workflow, centralize and manage all claims and overrides inside the platform with full historical tracking and provide full visibility on accrued and paid commissions.

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elevates your business


admin tasks and costs reduced


team performance increased


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Automate calculations error-free

All incentive calculations are fully automated with real-time updates, in total connection with your systems, ensuring a completely error-free process with full visibility and transparency for everyone.

Period Closing Workflow

Ensure a smooth period closing, customizing your closing workflow including validations and approvals. Guarantee data robustness and keep control over the process defining when commission statements are frozen and closed.

Claim Management

Centralize your claims in a single place. Users are able to initiate claims directly from their dashboard and tag any other user or manager. Define who needs to approve and review every claim, with the ability to override calculations.

Accrual vs Payments

Empower your teams with clear insights into their earned commissions and paid commission statements. Define your payment rules, fromĀ  splitting payouts for future dates to matching your collections, you control your cash flow while providing full visibility to your teams.



Is it possible to merge different data sets in Remuner?

Certainly, Remuner provides the ability to effortlessly combine multiple datasets. You can merge data from any data sources, even if they live in separated systems (e.g. in our Accrual vs Payments module you will probably combine opportunities from your CRM with customer payments from your ERP).

When is it advisable to use exceptions in commissions?

Exceptions in sales commissions are often used in situations where certain sales require special treatment due to their complexity, size, or strategic importance. Other common practice is when the manager decides to reward certain sales reps regardless of the outcome of the commission plan.

What is the difference between accrual and payments in sales commissions?

In simple terms, commission accruals refers to the sales commissions that employees have earned for a certain period but haven’t received yet. The accrual basis recognizes the revenue when it is billed and earned, regardless of when the cash is paid or received.

Why is it relevant to have the ability to freeze and close periods?

Not freezing periods is one of the major operational risks in revenue operations. Freezing and closing periods is the only way to prevent any changes to historical data once the commission period has ended. Otherwise, depending on the timing of data consultation, the commission statements could vary.

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