Manage validations and approval workflow for every incentive plan

Take control of the validation and approval process for every period closing. Define the workflow for when commission calculations are active, frozen or closed for a given period.

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admin tasks and costs reduced


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Make the process efficient and save time

Ensure an effective and transparent validation, audit and closing process, without wasting time debating about when or how period closing occurs.

Period status

Define when calculations are active, frozen or closed.

  • Period Active: the accrual period hasn’t come to an end. Any update in your systems will be reflected in the platform.
  • Period Frozen: numbers don’t accept any new update, except if forced by the admin user.
  • Period Closed: numbers are blocked. Every team member receives their final and approved commission statements.

Centralized validation and approval process in a single place

Create a custom validation and approval process for every compensation plan,  and include all relevant users to it so they can receive updates and submit the validation for the incentive plan directly from the platform. 

Custom workflow

Define the approval and validation workflow you need, including when every plan changes its status and who needs to be involved in every stage.



Why is it relevant to have the ability to freeze and close periods?

Not freezing periods is one of the major operational risks in revenue operations. Freezing and closing periods is the only way to prevent any changes to historical data once the commission period has been approved and closed. Otherwise, depending on the timing of data consultation, the commission statements may vary.

Can the admin user update calculations on the commission statements at any point?

The administrator has the possibility to launch manual refresh on the data as long as the period is not closed yet. The admin user is always in control of the process.

Why is it important to have an approval workflow for commissions?

Having an approval workflow ensures consistency and accountability when calculating commission statements. It provides a structured process for reviewing incentive calculations, allowing admin users to detect any discrepancy before commissions are paid.

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