Automate your commission calculations. Maximize the ROI of your commissions investment.

Make the most impact in your business out of the investment in commissions while ensuring data accuracy to prevent mistakes that cost money to your company. Forget about manually calculating commissions or handling never ending conversations by only managing approvals and validations. Focus on what matters most.

How remuner
elevates your business


team performance increased


admin tasks and costs reduced


average daily usages per employee

Save time

Automate every commission calculation and reduce all manual and administrative tasks. Forget about back and forth discussions at the end of every period, all the process is managed in Remuner platform.

Maximize the ROI of your Sales investment

Benchmarks with market data, forecasts with projected achievements and commissions costs, comparison of scenarios and much more! Everything created to help you design the incentive plans that maximizes the ROI of your incentives investment.

Adapt your business strategy fast and with flexibility

Running finance implies continuous realignment with the business strategy. Change commissions schemes and compensation structures just in a few minutes.

Define rules to determine when the accrued commissions will be paid.

With the Accrual vs Payments module, decide whether you pay at a future date or based on a payment schedule. Pay to your teams every end of month, quarter, or pay them at the same time as you collect the invoices from your customers.

Forge an alliances with sales

Pay sales people in time. Ensures that your sales people receive their payrolls on time, improving overall satisfaction and motivation within the team.

Build trust with them. Gone are the days of suspicion due to lack of transparency. Bring the sales team back on board by providing them real time access and visibility to their commissions calculations.


Can Remuner integrate with accounting systems to streamline commission payouts and expense reconciliation processes?

Sure thing! Remuner effortlessly syncs with all your systems to seamlessly integrate your data into our platform, including ERPs, financial management softwares and accounting softwares. It takes less than five minutes and just a couple of clicks to have your financial tools up and running smoothly in Remuner.

How does Remuner help finance teams track and forecast commission expenses accurately?

Our reporting module includes multiple dashboards where finance managers have visibility on all the financial information they need, including commission expenses at individual or team level and forecasts with projected achievements and consequent estimated commissions costs. On top of that, you can also use our comp plan sandbox space to create your own forecasts of costs for future periods.

Does your software offer features for automated commission accruals and expense forecasting to aid in financial planning and budgeting?

Certainly. With the Accrual vs Payments module, you can determine when the accrued commissions will be paid to the team or split payout amounts as you define. Whether to safeguard your cash flow or to keep your sales reps motivated until the end of the period, managing commission accruals and payments helps your financial planning and budgeting efforts.

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