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    About ORBIDI

    ORBIDI specializes in advanced digital marketing solutions for small businesses. They offer turnkey products like SEO, social media management, website creation, and Google Maps integration, designed to simplify digital marketing and enhance efficiency. Dedicated to delivering data-driven, customized solutions, their products are powered by cutting-edge technologies, making digital marketing stress-free and effective for their clients.

    Industry: Marketing Services
    Company Size: Mid-sized (150+ employees)
    Location: Spain and Colombia
    Main Improvement Areas:

    • Error-free incentive automation
    • Administrative time and cost savings
    • Enhancing team visibility and motivation
    • Implementing a gamified incentive system
    • Driving sales performance

    The Challenge

    Since its inception, ORBIDI has relied on its sales force as a central component of its go-to-market strategy. With a predominant outbound approach based on cold calling and really short sales cycles, they have been growing tremendously fast in the early stages. And yet, as they kept growing their customer base and consolidating their market position, keeping their sales motion well-oiled started to be more and more challenging.  Moreover, the rapid growth of their customer base was a constant challenge for Customer Success and Operations teams, who had suboptimal incentive plans in place.

    the critical point for us was that our sales and customer success teams didn’t have proper visibility on their performance and commission achievements. I was worried that this could be a reason for disengagement and demotivation among the team.

    Toni Arco (ORBIDI CEO)

    That is why they needed to optimize their incentive management process to drive better sales, customer success and operations performance and improve employee motivation. Their previous system relied on data coming from different systems and hence it was heavily manual and time-consuming, causing inefficiencies, mistakes and lack of visibility and transparency for the sales, CS and operations team.

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    Tony Arco, CEO at ORBIDI, explains the challenges they had: “Our old incentive management process was complex and opaque. Every time we needed to calculate sales commissions, we had to deal with multiple data sources, several calculation errors and a lot of administrative burden, which was costing us a lot of resources.

    But the thing that kept me awake at night was the scale. We were growing so fast that we started to suffer the consequences of the scale early on. Besides all the administrative and manual issues mentioned before, the critical point for us was that our sales and customer success teams didn’t have proper visibility on their performance and commission achievements. I was worried that this could be a reason for disengagement and demotivation among the team. That is when I realized we needed a modern solution to turn things around.”

    Before Using Remuner

    Before adopting Remuner, ORBIDI’s variable compensation model was primarily manual, with all calculations done in Excel. This way of calculating sales commissions was very slow and oftenly erratic, and provided very little visibility for the employee, making it hard for them to understand their compensation and hence, generating a lack of trust. 

    Another consequence they had to deal with was related to their time-to-sale. ORBIDI sales cycles were very short, but due to the struggle they faced when calculating commissions, the compensation plan duration was not aligned with their sales cycles. The company was not able to design short-term incentive campaigns for the sales teams, so they were losing potential revenue opportunities. 

    Old Compensation Plan Scheme

    • Monthly bonus calculations
    • No visibility and transparency for the sales, CS and operations teams

    Issues ORBIDI Was Facing

    • Manual and time-consuming calculations
    • Multiple data sources
    • Risk of starting to lose team members due to the lack of real time visibility and lack of trust
    • Inability to align compensation plans frequency with company sales cycles.

    After Using Remuner

    For ORBIDI, achieving an extended adoption of Remuner was a top priority. Fortunately, Remuner integrated with all the tools and systems people already used daily, and Remuner made the process painless. ORBIDI connected their CRM and ERPs to Remuner in 5 minutes using simple connectors, centralizing all data into the platform in real time, while keeping control over the commissions and its payments in one reliable source of truth. 

    Once the onboarding was completed, ORBIDI transitioned to a more dynamic incentive plan, which included daily campaigns and a gamified system with rankings and leaderboards. “This new model has revolutionized our approach to sales incentives,” Toni notes. “The daily campaigns keep our team constantly motivated, and the gamified system has introduced a healthy competition that is boosting performance. Our team simply loves it!”

    They also made it a priority that every team member gets familiar with Remuner and with their performance dashboards to be always aware of their own achievements and commissions accrued. “We wanted every team member to understand their own numbers: their targets, their current pacing, their accrued commissions so far… because we knew that they would become accountable for their targets. And that is what happened. Sales have been off the charts for three weeks straight after the integration. We have seen a consistent 8% increase in revenue since using Remuner. With these results, we have paid the cost of Remuner more than 25 times!”, highlights the CEO of ORBIDI.

    New Compensation Plan Scheme

    • Daily targets and campaigns based incentive plans to keep teams constantly motivated
    • Gamified system with rankings and leaderboards

    Key Results

    • Sales record-breaking for three consecutive weeks after integration
    • 8% company revenue increase
    • 25x ROI from implementing Remuner

    Toni highlights the transformation: “Implementing Remuner has brought a significant positive change to our organization. The automated, error-free calculations save us time and reduce administrative costs. The real-time visibility into sales performance has been a game-changer, allowing us to make data-driven decisions quickly. Most importantly, the new incentive schemes have significantly boosted motivation and accountability across the team.”

    Overall results in the first months

    Boost in Sales & CS Performance

    Over the first three weeks following the integration of Remuner, the company had three consecutive sales record-breaking weeks. The sales performance has been consistently exceptional, reaching a steady 8% increase in company revenue vs the average performance before Remuner. Sales and Customer Success teams are selling and onboarding customers better than ever before and have also seen a stable increase in performance. 

    Operational Efficiency

    The company has streamlined the variable compensation process with automated, error-free calculations. This has led to a 90% reduction in administrative workload and administrative savings. The consolidation of data from diverse systems into a single source of truth has enhanced transparency and removed discrepancies.

    Team Motivation and Accountability

    ORBIDI has successfully boosted team motivation thanks to the use of daily campaigns and gamified incentive plans, complemented by rankings and leaderboards. This innovative approach has increased sales and customer success performance, empowering them to track their achievements and commission achievements effectively, thereby fostering a culture of accountability and trust.

    Return on Investment

    ORBIDI has accomplished an outstanding 25x ROI from implementing Remuner. This achievement not only offsets the software expenses but also significantly multiplied them through strengthened sales and operational efficiency.

    Toni concludes: “I am thrilled with the positive impact Remuner has had on our business. The transparency, efficiency, and motivation it has brought to our sales, customer success, and operations teams are invaluable. Would we have achieved it without Remuner? Ask my sales teams… If I dare mention stop using it, they might hunt me down!