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    About OKTICKET 

    Okticket is disrupting the management of professional expenses. By offering a comprehensive and automated solution that streamlines the payment, digitization, and accounting of employee travel expenses. Their platform integrates bidirectionally with ERPs, HR software, Business Intelligence tools, and other business apps, ensuring real-time traceability and control. 

    Additionally, it offers flexibility in payment methods, allowing client companies to choose how they handle expenses (cash, traditional cards, advances, OKT Card). Companies that opt for the OKT Card, the corporate expense card, enjoy total control over transactions, optimizing administrative processes and ensuring regulatory compliance. This efficiency allows their clients to save time and resources, significantly improving their productivity and financial management.

    Industry: Software Development
    Company Size: Mid-sized (51-200 employees)
    Location: Spain, Mexico, France, and Portugal  
    Main Improvement Areas:

    • Real-time visibility of incentives for teams
    • Error-free incentives automation
    • Administrative time and cost savings
    • Commission schemes aligned with company goals
    • Increased motivation and results for sales teams thanks to new commission plans

    The Challenge

    Previously, Okticket calculated sales commissions manually by exporting the data from the CRM and executing manual calculations. 

    SDR teams had a simple commission system based on opportunities generated, while Account Executives earned a percentage of closed sales. Despite the simplicity, this process had to be completed a few days before the end of the month and involved too many meetings between the sales, operations, and finance departments.

    We knew our process could be improved and better aligned with the company’s strategic goals. We had a model that was too simple and not fully aligned with what Okticket needed at the time.

    Diego Alonso (OKTicket Sales Manager)

    This manual process was time-consuming, prone to human error, and lacked data traceability. Additionally, team members had no visibility into the process or real-time results, leading to uncertainty and loss of motivation as they couldn’t see their progress toward monthly, quarterly, or annual goals.

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    “We knew our process could be improved and better aligned with the company’s strategic goals. We had a model that was too simple and not fully aligned with what Okticket needed at the time,” says Diego, Sales Manager at Okticket.

    Before Using Remuner

    Before adopting Remuner, Okticket’s variable compensation model was mainly manual, with all calculations done in Excel. This led to errors and potential friction within the sales department, as well as very little visibility for employees.

    Old Compensation Plan Scheme

    • Quarterly commission model, manually calculated in Excel
    • SDR targets based on opportunities generated and AE targets based on sales closed 
    • Period closing executed several days before the end of the month due to the time required for manual calculations

    Issues Okticket was facing 

    • All calculations were manual and done in Excel
    • Commission models were simpler than needed and misaligned with company goals due to Excel’s limitations
    • Total lack of visibility for all sales teams
    • Tedious, manual process with a high risk of errors

    After Using Remuner

    With Remuner, Okticket has implemented a new commission plan that efficiently combines various factors, allowing for adjustments based on business sources and other important criteria. This has not only rewarded employees more fairly but also incentivized and aligned them with departmental and company goals. This ensures that every team member is working in the same direction, improving transparency and increasing team motivation.

    The automation of this process allows the focus to shift to more important business tasks.

    New Compensation Plan Structure  

    • Monthly commission model combined with additional bonuses for meeting monthly, quarterly, and annual goals
    • Evolved commission model, adding floors, accelerators, and cross-dependencies to link commissions to other metrics that couldn’t be manually calculated before
    • 100% automated process

     Key Improvements

    Overall results in the first months

    Alignment with Business Goals: The new commission model fairly rewards employees and is designed to reflect and support the company’s strategic goals, ensuring that all team members work toward the same objectives.

    Greater Motivation and Transparency: Introducing Remuner into daily operations has increased the sales team’s motivation. Transparency in compensation allows them to see their performance in real-time and better understand their goals by connecting to the tool to monitor their progress.

    Operational Efficiency: The company has optimized the variable compensation process with automated calculations, eliminating errors from manual calculations. Consolidating data from various systems into a single source of truth has improved transparency and eliminated discrepancies.

    Team Motivation and Accountability: At Okticket, we have successfully increased team motivation with more complex incentive plans, complemented by rankings and leaderboards. This innovative approach has boosted sales and customer success performance.